The fall of kvatch

21 12 2012

Told by the captain of the castle guard Also known as the champion of cyrodil and hero of kvatch. Please note this is not what happens in the game but this is how i think it should have went.

The guard was doing his rounds around the castle when he was called of for the night. He went back to his house and pulled out a book called the types of daedra he read for about 3 hours before he fell asleep at his lounge chair still cladded in his armor. about 1 hour later he woke up and went back to the castle so he could do he could do his rounds on the way there he saw his 2 best friends jesan rilian and ilend vonius he said hi then continued to the castle. He went into the main hall and guarded the door. He let the gaurds out so they could go to the main gate and do there job 12 am and all was well till about 2 am. There was a huge crash and bricks and concrete hit the gaurd in the head cause him to be knocked out and he went splat on the floor and hour later he woke up dizzy stricken with malaria and tired and dizzy he saw gaurds running to the battlements he looked out side and he saw some buildings on fire and daedra running threw the streets killing civilians. He pulled out his longbow and ran to the  gate killing as many he could the city was being held so it was fine for now. Then he ran to the the main army and asked how he could help he was told to get up to the gate house and use his bow to take out the daedra he did so. He gathered up the castle gaurd and outfitted them with bows. He saw templars coming out from the church he ordered them to the main gate to hold out and to defend the church and its priests and priestesses. It was total madness people running into the streets on fire  buildings collapsing  daedra crashing threw the streets killing people. The citie was being held he was called back to the castle. Savlian matius was in charge of the defence of the town. The castle was being locked down  the count was under heavy protection by what was left of the castle guard. He was again called back to the main gate house he brought crossbow men and longbow men oil was poured over the walls and the daedra were set on fire then a huge oblivion gate opened a huge seige crawler came out everybody abandend civilian soldiers templars knights gaurds even me and savlian i was making sure i was the last one to get out then i passed out and i woke up in front of a barricade near the ruins of the stables the city was lost. There were 100 men left only 12 of them from the castle guard. Around 5 in the morning. Savlian sent in the castle gaurd captain along with Menian the second in command of the town gaurd  along with ilend and bunch of other gaurds. A small troop of men were sent in awile ago  but they havent returned yet so about 40 men went in. They were in oblivion now they went threw the huge bridge when is started to close and 12 men were trapped inside. Daedra came inside cutting them down menian and 5 others were taken away  ilend and 10 others were stuck on the side were the oblivion gate was while i was stuck on the side were the huge tower was 3 were still trapped in the gate. I looked ahead of me and i saw the troops that came in before us strewn across the pathway the red Templar cross was reader than ever on one of the mens surcoat . We ran to the huge tower but then a huge spike came from the ground impaling 3 others killing them we found a mythic dawn member and tortured him for information to open the war gate and close the oblivion gate. After 20 minutes he told us to go to a tower call the tower of ascension and to close the gate we had to go to the big tower and he told us were to find the 5 people that were taken away we went to the tower of ascension and opened the war gate when i went down this platform some guys were left up they said they would check for survivors we went out of the tower the tower collapsed the mythic dawn member smiled at us as our men died. Ilend was going to hand me my sword but i pulled out an elven dagger and stuck it in the mythic dawn member and left him there to die. We went to the sigil keep but we found out that they were already executed we got the sigil stone and the gate closed we immediately started a retake of the city we stormed the main plaza than we got into the chapel of akatosh and found what remained of the castle gaurd we cleared the way to the castle no survivors just daedra and bodies we got to the castle gate opened it cleared the courtyard got into the main hall of the castle the battle for the castle took about 3 hours until we got to the counts qaurters and found him and a bunch of town goers travellers merchants and knights and gaurds strewn all over his room. We took his ring and gave it back to savlian.     Later that Night in the encampment down the road in kvatch he had a dream about the emperor being killed by the mythic dawn and he then recieved a vision of the emperor telling him to find his son and close shut the jaws of oblivion and it ended with the amulet of kings falling in the water. The next day he went to the imperial city and found a sewer opening he went in and got the amulet and he received another vision to go to weynon priory and find jaufre and so the oblivion crisis began  and then the battle of chorral began.





Quebec making a law on long gun registry

10 12 2012

Quebec is looking to make its own version of the long gun registry. The long gun registry was scrapped in April. The reason for this is because of the Ecole poltechnigue massacre in wich a long gun was used. This sparked a more strict gun control law in canada and it made changes to the tactical response of school shootings. In witch the perpetrator was fighting feminism. The reason for this law is to stop violence against people especially women. In the shooting. The gun the perpatror used a ruger mini 14 series hunting rifle .300 to shoot 14 people in the school. The police set up a perimiter around the school and so no body would get in or out in hopes of catching the perpetrator. A long gun is a rifle with a long barrel. These types of guns were used in ww1 and ww2 not so much in Afghanistan and the cold war were they use carbines and smgs. Long guns are made by company’s such as ruger mossberg remington and franchi. In canada you have to go threw back ground checks and a bunch of other stuff before you can legally own a firearm. Firearms have been used in many acts of violence including robbery murder terrorism and other things. This law is a very good law but what stops people from buying long guns from other provinces?. I would love to see this law canada wide so things can be a little safer because of the things going on these days its almost scary to walk down the street at night. I hope this law is put into place because now it seems like any one can get a gun today. The tragedy of Dec 5 1989 sparked up a bit more response from police. When the swat team stormed a place they would have a guy at the front with a shotgun who shot open the deadbolts and the swat team would come in with mp5s or m4a1 carbines. Wich has made police response more efficent and affective. Im not saying guns are bad its just there should be more gun control in this world

A ruger mini 14 used in the shooting of ecole polytechnique

Canadian sentenced to death in egypt

3 12 2012

A canadian has been sentenced to death in egypt after being accused of taking part in innocence of muslims movie. He is an owner of a jewelery store in toronto. His name is Nader fawzy he is afraid that the egyptian goverment will kidnap him and take him to egypt to kill him. This movie is about anti islam and it has caused terrible riots in the muslim world.”They stopped my freedom to move” said fawzy. Fawzy is now staying in canada for a long time. He is going to file a lawsuit at the egyptian goverment for wrongful prosecution. Nader writes in many news papers and he is an activist but not a movie maker. Fawzy is one of the seven egyptian coptic christians along with a preist in flordia. The orginal movie was called the real life of mohhammad it was uploaded on youtube and it was shown in a movie studio to the actors. Many of the actors threw the script down and walked out of the studie but only some stayed to do the job. Fawzy is not going out of canada till this situation in resolved. He is in fear that they will get him and take him back to egypt. I personally think this movie was disturbing as i watched it my self over this weekend

The black market for twinkies

26 11 2012

In the u.s hostess has went bankrupt and has stopped making Twinkies so there is now a black market for Twinkies. People are going crazy over something as stupid as this. On there are twinkies on sale for about 500 dollars a box. The so called twinkie shortage of the U.S.A has the internet crying. People are selling twinkies and other snacks made by hostess for 500 dollers a peice. Crazy right? well it just got crazier because one ebay user is selling 10 twinkies for 10.000 grand to get ready for the zombie apocalypse. The twinkie price has went up 2000 percent. Twinkies from canada are being smuggled into the U.S.A for sale over the black market. This is a very stupid thing to rant and rave about theres bombings and people are worrying about twinkies? sigh…. Infact theres a recipe for twinkies but i wont write it down because wordpress will probably crash. But i will put a link to it but wordpress will probably be slow from the amount of people coming. Probably 10 times more stupid than dolan. Brace yourselfs the twinkie memes are coming….

Oh the internet……

Mutant fish

21 11 2012

In the the corner of the Mojave desert a hot area provides a home for a very rare fish known as the devils hole pup fish. This fish is the size of your small toe. It is an endangered species. The biggest threat of this fish comes from its own DNA.In the 1970s scientists tried preserving these fish to from extinction. The place were these fish spawn is a place in the Mojave desert known as devils hole. Devils hole is a pup fish habitat in the corner of the Mojave desert.
The place is protected because of the devils hole pup fish. The devils hole pup fish are changing and abnormal versions have been found. It is illegal to kill devils hole pup fish. Scientists are trying to find a way to stop this species from becoming extinct. The reason my post is titled mutant fish is becuase some versions of this fish have been found deformed and some had to be put out of there misery. It is our fault because the reason this is happening is because humans are polluting the area and these fish were here before us and its like invading there territory.




26 10 2012

Five Card Story: little children

a Five Card Flickr story created by kelly and riley

flickr photo by katerha

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by krutscjo

A bunch of kids go to school and then go outside then a kid looses a card game then rage quits. 🙂

things i have in common

5 10 2012

I recently went threw the ideahive interest survey and i have found that is have changed over last year and it starts with a many different things. I am a big fan of the elderscroll series  and i dont play minecraft 24/7 anymore. I have seen that with the change of schools in wingham many people from last year are not there anymore. Nobody from wigham likes the elderscrolls series. I have seen alot of people like the game black ops witch i too play alot.  Ive seen that nobody cheers for the winnipeg jets :(. I want to be a police officer and i also read that ben wants to be one too. I dont really have much in common with the other people from wingham but im sure we will get along just fine

What's Up World?

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